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Teach Maths or Science in England as part of a UK Government Supported Program

Welcome to Quantum Scholars – Let the journey begin

Teach in England

Quantum Scholars is a teaching program in England funded by the UK’s Department of Education. Our program recruits certified maths and science teachers from across the globe. Furthermore, Quantum Scholars are also given the opportunity to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest teaching methods. We do this through our excellent induction programme and then through ongoing support. We want the very best teachers teaching the key subjects of Maths and Science in the South of England!

Our Ambition

Outstanding maths and science teachers are in high demand all over the world. However, we would like to recruit and retain to the program, teachers from countries whose educational standards are as high as those of the UK, to capitalize on the wealth of experience and expertise that certified teachers from other countries can bring to English classrooms.

Our History

We have been running since early 2017. The project is a coming together of the public and private sector. Quantum Scholars is private recruitment company working in tandem with two Teaching Schools, the Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance and the Cygnus Teaching School Alliance. Since we have been working as a network we have successfully recruited a large number of overseas trained Maths and Science teachers for schools in the south of England. 

Quantum Scholars Teachers

Our very first Quantum Scholars in 2017