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In England, secondary education covers all students from the ages of 11-18 years. The majority of secondary schools take their students from Year 7 (11 years of age) and either go through to Year 13 (18 years of age) or to Year 11 (16 years of age). In the areas where secondary schools are for 11-16 year olds, the students transfer to local colleges for the last two years of their education. Colleges and Sixth forms (for Years 12 and 13) offer a range of courses to prepare students for higher education or employment.

In some areas of the country, pupils are selected by an examination at the age of 11 for their secondary education and as a result will attend a grammar school (sometimes called a high school) or a non-selective or upper school.

There is a wide variety of schools in our area which differ both in terms of the students they teach and how they are governed. The following summary explains this in more detail: Types of Schools.

We have a National Curriculum which is followed by state schools, you might find the following overview helpful: National Curriculum.

However to get a real feel for teaching Mathematics or Physics in England we suggest you explore the following websites: