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Teach Maths or Science in England as part of a UK Government Supported Program

Testimonials video


Here you can see what our teachers say about our work at Quantum Scholars:

Shannon – Maths Teacher from Ontario, Canada

“The overall service was very supportive. Right from the start I felt as though every person involved wanted to make sure I was comfortable and that this would be a good fit.

I believe that I got very lucky to be presented with a school very quickly and that it would be a good match for me. All questions were answered quickly, clearly and kindly. The contact with the agency has been consistent and very helpful which has made the transition smooth.”


Nicole – Maths teacher from Washington DC, USA

“The service was very good. Quantum Scholars were informative and enthusiastic throughout the entire process and exchanged information in a timely manner. The Quantum Scholars Program eases the transition and provides necessary support and connections to teaching abroad.”


Kelly – Maths Teacher from Ontario, Canada

“Quantum Scholars were prompt, friendly and supportive. They were helpful with all the questions and needs including helping with my arrival and support finding accommodation. I interviewed with one school and I really connected with them.

I was attracted to Quantum Scholars for the professional development opportunity, maths focus and support through development and qualifications.

Overall very helpful, positive and a lot of support has been provided.”


Reid – Maths Teacher from Winnipeg, Canada

“The services I have received have been great. Quantum Scholars have answered each question I had and have been quick to respond to those questions. All of the people I have talked to have been nice and very patient with me. I thought the schools that were presented to me were a good fit to my personality and skill set.

I needed an adventure and Quantum Scholars seemed like the right fit for me. The services provided were great as well. I am very happy I applied. Fantastic service and great people.”


Simon – Physics Teacher from Queensland, Australia

“Quantum Scholars are dedicated to finding the right school for the right teachers.”